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Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the worst polluters in the world? Well yes, nuclear waste is being dumped in our oceans and global warming is real. BUT, the stuff on your back is very harmful to our environment.

Take cotton for example, the fabric of our lives..

Cotton requires more water and pesticides to grow than any crop in the world! The US is one of the leading growers of cotton and all that polluted water ends up in our rivers and oceans. The raw material gets shipped to China and back for manufacturing. Fossil fuels much? It is all so unnecessary! 

Take those old shirts and get them shredded!

With a firm base in South Florida, Melodie travels all over with scissors in hand.. ready for art and the next great adventure! She and her cutting crew snips at music festivals, private parties, and work out studios.

She loves writing songs with her ukulele and kazoo, dancing, playing with pups, burritos, hammocks, and all other fine aspects of life!

Video by Peter Vahan

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